Tin Cup American Whiskey

Tin Cup American Whiskey

tincupWith all the new bourbons coming out each week with a new story like a new edition of the popular tabloids you see at supermarket checkouts, its refreshing to see something which appears to be something new, authentic and not without the pretentious story or pricing.

Tin Cup American Whiskey is proud to be produced in Colorado, and cut with Rocky Mountain water.  No tales of prohibition or an old family still in Bourbon country only later to be learned it was exported to Indiana to be produced, bottled and distributed from something that resembles a factory of any kind rather than a family owned distillery in the south.

The whiskey itself is really good.  Nothing spectacular, but definitely extraordinary (meaning, much better than ordinary, its more than extra-ordinary = extraordinary).  Its made from corn, rye and barley and you can taste all of these things in a single sip.  Its got the sweetness of bourbon, the spice of rye, and the dry body of whiskey.  On the finish, I could even swear there is a touch of Scotch in it, and I don’t even like scotch, but its got that dry smoke flavor in it.  I will most certainly be buying another bottle or two of this before the popularity catches on and the price increases.

The price?  Well, this bottle cost me $30 and from what you can see, is its a beautiful design, sextagonal (six-sided shape) with molded lettering of an art of ages ago. And its topper is not only a cork stopper, but a tin cup which holds 50ml (1.5 ounces) if you fill it to the line, or 60ml (2 ounces) if you fill it to the brim.  It might seem trivial, but if you want to wake up without a headache the next morning, its good to know your limit is 3, 4 or even 5 tin cups.


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