This is distilled from wheat or potatos, the end result is something odorless, tasteless, and mixable with anything. But thats all that it is, just something to get you drunk. Unless from a bottle from the freezer, you will need to mix with fruit juices which go very well, but even soda and tonic don’t work so well.  Citrus is vodka’s best friend, and that can include lemon/lime sodas, tonic, or even in a martini, but its really just the tofu of spirits.  So, when tasting vodka, you probably want the one with the most cleanest taste. As hard as you search for certain flavor notes, its most likely void of any and only the imagination leads some thoughts as to if it has a smooth or soft or strong finish, much less a vanilla taste.

Comparing vodkas is much like tasting water. You can notice some minerals, some that are light or heavier, maybe even some that have higher mineral content. However, in the end its boring, you don’t taste vodka, you drink it.  And you don’t drink it for taste, you drink it to eat food to clear the taste of the vodka, or, you drink vodka to deliver the mellow feeling of buzz, sedated or even blissful. If you are looking to get drunk, vodka is the answer, its pure neutral spirits, its clean, its clear, its easier for the liver to process, but it is not something you want to drink if you wish to have a taste experience.

Just for fun, I composed a list of my favorite Vodkas but in light of what I have just said, its all just tofu for the cocktail… but if I had to drink straight, it would be:

  1. Reyka (Iceland)
  2. Stoli Elit (Russia)
  3. Stolichnaya (Russia)
  4. Svedka (Sweden)
  5. Mezzaluna (Italy)
  6. Belvedere  (Poland)
  7. Smirnoff Black (Russia)
  8. Grey Goose (France)
  9. Fris (Finland)
  10. Tito’s (Texas, USA)

The list can go on and on since vodka is now at least 25% of sales because of all the insane flavors from cotton candy to jellybean to even Easter holiday peeps.  But this is just more evidence that its the tofu of cocktails, and, while there is nothing wrong with that, we need to keep it in a class by itself because it does not have any true pure tasting characteristics other than its pure spirit, and that is a good think, it mixes with almost anything, so it has its place, but not for tasting or sipping, shots only.


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