Kings County Chocolate Bourbon

Kings County Chocolate Bourbon


Today in the mail (first liquor mail order ever) I got a Kings County gift set of 3 different whiskeys. I’ve tried the first two before.  The first is horrible, its what we would call and know as moonshine.  I tried to cut it with bourbon and literally a shot full of various bitters, but still that underlying taste sucked.  It was a painful experience on the palate, but it stands testament to the fact that time heals all.  After 5 years being aged in wood barrels, you have something truly delightful like bourbon.

Kings County Chocolate Whiskey is made by steeping Kings County Moonshine in artisan cacao husks sourced from the MastchocbourbBrothers Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn. The chocolate and moonshine rest together for just over a month, giving the moonshine a deep mahogany color and an aroma of dark chocolate. “It’s good for someone who either likes whiskey or chocolate — which includes most people, I guess” says Spoelman. “There’s not a whole lot else like it out there.” The initial flavors of sweet corn are nicely balanced by the subtle notes of rich, bitter chocolate and give way to a smooth and slightly sweet finish.

After about 30 minutes in the freezer it turned a milky color just like bourbon would.  It tastes even far more better once its been chilled.  The chocolate is more pronnounced and even more delicious.

If you want sweet chocolate, then get some Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, but if you want real chocolate taste without tasting the alcohol, definitely try some of this.  Its like drinking very extra dark chocolate with all the pleasures of whiskey.


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