Flaviar Spirit Tastings

Flaviar Spirit Tasting


This has to be my all time favorite subscription service.  I thought it might have been the Bacon of the Month Club or some other food service, but this one truly makes my day.  I personally am not a common drinker.  I don’t go to the bar for a Martini or Old Fashioned because I know I can make it better at home with exact measurements.  And I also know that most local bars or taverns in my area don’t  stock the wide array of ever-growing spirits out on the market today.   So here I somehow stumble upon Flaviar.com – a spirit subscription service that either one time, once per month, or even once per quarter, sends you a tasting pack of 5 spirits.  Its only about a 1.5 ounce shot or 45ml amount, but for around $40, you are tasting spirits that collectively would have cost you $400 if you had bought a bottle of each to sample.  I don’t know about you, but many times I have bought a bottle of something just to try it and have been so disappointed that I wound up leaving it on the shelf, giving it away, or even throwing it away after years because I just didn’t enjoy it and found I really could not mix it with anything to get rid of it.  Yes, I am that much of a spirits snob.

Enter the perfect solution: Flaviar – they hand pick and hand pack each and every tasting pack of spirits.  They include notes on how to taste and notes on the history and information about each spirit they send.  Mind you, these are not obscure bottom-barrel spirits, but some you can often brag about having tasted to even the snobs.  At the same time, this is not a subscription service for those only interested in drinking, but those interested in the worldwide realm of spirits.  Who knew that even Japan produced whiskey?  Usually we think of Scotland or the Southern US, perhaps even Canada, but Japan?  Well, here you have it, a 5-sample pack of Japanese Whiskeys with free shipping.


So here is the bottom line, while I hated it, I loved the fact that I tasted a good cross section of Japanese Whiskey and spent less than half of what I would have in any bar to taste 5 samples of each.  Honestly, its the best $40 I spent for something I did not like, because I saved hundreds of dollars in the continued pursuit of something that I would have wanted to explore and knew would not end with one $40 bottle, but several.


The best part is, for less than the price of a land-line phone, which I never use and disconnected, I have access to some of the best spirits out there from all over the world.  There are Cognacs, Gins, Whiskey, even Grapa from Italy.  Yes, keep me in this club, and until I have exhausted them all, its the best $40-50 I can spend each month rather than on home spring water delivery or anything else of equivalent value.

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