Hemingway’s Ways


So my favorite monthly subscription is from Flaviar, its so ingenius I wish I had thought of it myself.  Its nothing complicated, its simply 5 different spirits with a theme each month.  You get to compare and contrast the flavors of that theme and you come out of it, if not happy, certainly educated.

My most favorite from Flaviar is Hemingway’s Ways.  The famous author was well known for his adventurous lifestyle and drinking habits.  While these are not brands of spirits that were available in his time, they certainly would have been those that he would have enjoyed undoubtedly.

Gin has become so much more than the London Dry varieties.  Juniper is still there, but its so much more flavorful and fragrant with a lot of lavender notes.  Today’s newer gins are so great, that all you really need to do is pull it from the fridge or freezer, pour, sip, savor and enjoy.  No dry vermouth needed to offset the bitterness, these newer gins stand alone.

Absinthe has long been the rouge spirit.  Its been illegal, modified, subject of controversy and even featured in one of my more modern films like Van Helsing.  Its a mysterious spirit which even changes color and flavors once water or sugar is introduced.  No matter how you like it, proceed with caution, it is 120 proof.  Hemingway created a cocktail with champagne with absinthe “Death in the Afternoon” – after his book by the same name which is about a bullfighter who dies in the arena.

No doubt Hemingway took his drinking seriously, so should you. Not to drink more, or more often, but to simply drink better.  Start with this flavor pack of spirits from Flaviar.


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