Midnight Manhattan


2564772_2A0ab-lASW3Fov4Sh1KWUV-4_4MD68l2sk0ImJtOE9kThere will be classic drinks that stand the test of time for decades, perhaps centuries, but you still will not like them.  It is then, you have to make them your own.  I love sweet vermouth in a Negroni, but otherwise, I really do not care for the taste of any vermouth, dry or sweet.  If I want a perfect martini, just give me really good gin, icy cold, with a few dashes of of bitters and a lemon rind.  But if its a Manhattan cocktail, I find Campari imposes the same flavor profile but in a much more tastier way.  So here is my version of the Classic Manhattan.  I named it the Midnight Manhattan after a classic 1920s song, because I don’t know of any other name for it… my other choice was Bloody Manhattan because of the bright red color… and the Italian bitter spirit Campari was a favorite of mafia kingpin Al Capone… but here it goes:

Midnight Manhattan

  • 3 oz.  Rye Whiskey
  • 1 oz. Campari
  • 1-3 Dashes of Orange and/or Angostura Bitters
  • 1-3 Maraschino Cherries for Garnish

In a shaker combine all ingredients except for the cherries and shake hard over a handful of cracked ice for at least a minute.  Strain into a martini or coupe glass and garnish with the cherries on a toothpick.  Enjoy!


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